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Elect Julio Morais for Everett City Councilor at Large

Like many within the Everett community I have come to this country from a foreign land (Brazil) understanding that opportunities are earned and granted to all individuals demonstrating initiative and the drive to become participating citizens. To this point I am proud to say that I am an American citizen, I have served in the United States military (Veteran), have graduated from a Massachusetts college , served in the Massachusetts State House and today I am a  small business owner.

Collectively, we being residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are all immigrants and/or descendants of a minority of immigrants. However, for many races the road to success has been plagued with a lack of understanding. The past history of Italian, Jewish and Irish immigrants has taught us that change comes with uniting as one collective voice in advancing political and economic changes that benefit our respective communities. We cannot expect change without uniting as one voice demonstrating power as a political and economic influence!

Everett does in fact have some candidates and elected officials that reach out to our communities. There are several that would like to do more and others that utter sweet words and promises that cannot be mandated and/or promote themselves for accomplishments that they themselves have not achieved. Elected officials that would do more are faced with the obstacle of not entirely understanding the initiatives of the immigrant and minority communities. In this regard as an immigrant I have a keen sense of the requirements and necessities of the individual communities and can serve as a mentor to our elected officials.

In talking to residents, one thing that I repeatedly hear is that voting in Everett is fixed and residents do not have a voice. Of course, there is truth in the fact that certain races have no voice and that is attributed to the fact that they are not united and choose not to participate in the election process.If you do not register to vote and cast your ballot for the elected official(s) that best understand your community’sinitiatives, you demonstrate that you have no expectations for your families, friends and children and yourselves in advancing in society.

The one thing that I want all in our Everett communities to understand is that if we areunited in our goals we will have the power to achieve success politically, economically and individually.


The predominant issues within the Everett community are a lack of jobs, housing, escalating residential rentals, excessive business taxes, arbitrary regulatory enforcement, and minimal veteran and minority services. While each issue is complex there are significant advances that can be made by mandating specific federal requirements.



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